High School Jazz Summer Program

At Interlochen, you'll spend three weeks immersed in the world of jazz. Led by Berklee College of Music faculty member and ear training department chair Allan Chase, our faculty of accomplished performers and educators will help you broaden your understanding of jazz, and help you grow as an improviser and musician. You will take private lessons from jazz experts. You’ll perform in both small and large ensembles with fellow jazz students who share your love for one of the quintessential American art forms.

Program length: 3 weeks
Program dates:
June 22, 2019 to July 13, 2019
Tuition: $6,015
Age range: Students currently in grades 9-12

Personalized instruction will be provided during rehearsals and classes. Your classes will include:

  • Master classes with faculty and guest artists
  • Jazz improvisation, theory, and musicianship skills
  • Jazz history and creative concepts
  • Jazz forum, an opportunity for students and faculty to convene in a masterclass setting
  • Open mic: opportunities for informal student performances

You will also enjoy the artistic vitality at Interlochen, attending student and faculty presentations in theatre, music, film, creative writing, dance, and visual art. And each summer, we present an impressive lineup of world-renowned classical, jazz, and popular guest artists.


Audition Requirements: Instrument

Submit one to three video recordings of work that best represents you as an artist at this time. If you are performing in an ensemble, please make sure you are clearly highlighted.

Audition Requirements: Vocals

If you are a vocal artist submitting an application for the jazz program, please include the following:

  • One chorus of a ballad
  • Any melody sung a cappella in time, given just a starting pitch
  • Optional: A Jazz melody and improvised solo, with accompaniment (live or recorded)

Additional Opportunities


Allan Chase

Instructor of Jazz, Interlochen Arts Camp

Chair, Ear Training and Faculty, Global Jazz Institute, Berklee College of Music

George W. Russell, Jr.

Instructor of Jazz - Piano, Interlochen Arts Camp 

Chair of Harmony and Jazz Composition Department, Berklee College of Music

Bruno Raberg

Instructor of Jazz, Interlochen Arts Camp

Bass Professor, Ensembles, Berklee College of Music

Amanda Monaco

Instructor of Jazz, Interlochen Arts Camp

Associate Professor, Guitar Department, Berklee College of Music

Ashlee Varner

Instructor of Jazz - Voice, Interlochen Arts Camp

Associate Professor, Voice, Berklee College of Music

Jason Palmer

Instructor of Jazz - Trumpet, Interlochen Arts Camp

Assistant Professor of Ensembles and Brass, Berklee College of Music

Omar Thomas

Instructor of Jazz, Interlochen Arts Camp

Visiting Faculty, Music Theory, Peabody Institute

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