Between two lakes,
Between your past and your future,
Between what you have and what you'll make,
Between your dream and your goal,
You'll find Interlochen.
Over 90 years of legacy
dedicated to your future.

Find your way here.

Since 1928, Northern Michigan has held a special place in the lives of dancers, singers, musicians and artists from all over the world. For one summer, for one session, for one magical moment Interlochen was their home. On a stretch of land separating our lakes, set back among the woods on 1,200 pristine acres, Interlochen Arts Camp was where they found themselves.

To tens of thousands of Interlochen alumni, their time here was an invaluable experience. They met lifelong friends, worked with talented artists who supportively pushed them forward, and learned from great instructors who cared about them personally.

This is Interlochen. And this is where you belong.

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    Music, Creative Writing, Theatre, Visual Arts, Dance, Filmmaking. We've got professional-grade instructors with real-world experience leading international art students just like you in classes tailored to individual areas of interest.

    See What We're All About.

    Click around this site to find info on student life, what to expect, and links to all of our programs. The more you see, the more you'll understand why we say: Art Lives Here.

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    Find Your Voice

    Interlochen's Creative Writing workshops will introduce you to real-world authors, new styles and fresh approaches to writing. Our goal is to stretch your limits as a writer and a thinker, and to help you to look at your work with new eyes.

    Writers write.

    In the tranquil beauty of Interlochen's wooded Northern Michigan campus, you'll find the peace, the quiet and the time to do just that.

    You'll be working alongside our inspiring faculty of published authors, and surrounded by other talented young writers from all over the world! By the end of the summer, your skill and knowledge of writing will have grown by leaps and bounds.

    At Interlochen, you'll develop your voice and hone your technical skills within a supportive community of other young writers. Our faculty and guest writers will become your mentors, working one-on-one with you to provide constructive feedback. You will take part in intensive workshops that examine the various technical elements of prose and poetry, elements like structure, plot and character development, imagery, rhythm and figurative language.

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    A Place for Writers.

    As a creative writer at Interlochen, your home away from home is The Writing House - the only building in the United States dedicated entirely to the craft of writing at the pre-college level! Here's the view from inside.

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    Bonus: Hone Your Skills.

    Click to uncover practice writing prompts  designed from actual course work. These should give you a good idea of the caliber of instruction you'll be receiving.

    The Art of Dance

    In Interlochen's Dance Program, you will be immersed in a concentrated study of dance, while remaining focused on the foundations of classical ballet technique. You will examine the relationship between music and movement and experience a variety of approaches to dance training.

    As the sun rises over the pine trees, you look through the high windows of our spacious dance studio at the still beauty of Green Lake. Soon you'll begin on a day filled with intense learning, training and creativity. But for now, for this calm, quiet moment, you reflect on your accomplishments and confidently take your place at the bar.

    Interlochen's campus provides a beautiful backdrop that allows you to express yourself through movement without distraction. You'll be able to follow your dreams and move your talent forward with Interlochen's renowned Dance Program.

    Be prepared to take big risks as you embark on exciting challenges that will take your dance training to higher and unexpected heights.

    Here you'll rehearse and train with gifted dancers from all around the world. Each day our faculty of respected instructors, professional dancers and seasoned choreographers will work with you to refine your own individual technique and artistry.

    If you are a High School or Intermediate dance major, you will train for six hours each day in either ballet or modern dance, while your classes will cover aspects of technique, health, nutrition and injury prevention. Your dance experience at Interlochen culminates in a showcase of your course repertoire at Interlochen's Upton Morley-Pavilion.

    Junior Dancers explore ballet technique and other dance forms in creative sessions taught by caring and supportive instructors. The course finishes with a live ensemble performance.

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    Bonus: Advice from an ABT Principal

    Misty Copeland recently sat down with some of our dance students to give them some advice.

    Set the Scene

    At Interlochen you will discover the collaborative process of cinema while working with other young filmmakers who share your passion. With daily feedback you will gain hands-on experience in how to bring your ideas to the big screen. 

    Pine trees pepper the campus of the international arts camp
    known as Interlochen. STUDENTS clad in traditional uniforms
    LAUGH and TALK as they walk by practice huts brimming
    with SOUNDS from a multitude of musical instruments. The
    scene is idyllic; the mood is UPBEAT and ENERGETIC.


    Welcome to Interlochen's Motion Picture Arts program, a world-class facility created expressly to train young filmmakers. Here you'll get to work in small groups instructed by faculty who have real-world experience in film, and learn the essential components of movie production.

    As a high school student, you can choose from four curricula: Digital Filmmaking, Screenwriting, Animation and Documentary.

    As an Intermediate student, your focus will be on developing your fundamental visual storytelling skills and artistic expression.

    The Filmmakers Home-Away-From-Home

    The Interlochen campus has been around since 1928, but the Motion Picture Arts program is cutting edge. You will study in the  DeRoy Center for Film Studies, the only facility in the United States solely dedicated to the educational development of young filmmakers. Check out the view from the inside.

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    Bonus: The Future of Cinema Film Festival

    Surround yourself with the next generation of movie making at the Future of Cinema Film Festival. From film screenings and lectures to one-one-one discussions with notable guest artists, this film festival has been specifically designed for high school filmmakers. Take notes, see new ideas and network with international students poised to create the next generation of great cinema.

    Another outstanding aspect of the northern Michigan area is the annual Traverse City Film Festival, which takes place in July. An international event, the festival presents hundreds of new and classic movies in nearly a dozen venues around the small but bustling city of Traverse City. Free panel discussions with directors, writers, actors, and other members of the film industry are offered daily. The festival was founded by Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore who makes his home here, runs the festival, and serves as president of the board of directors.

    Making Music

    Wherever you are;
    at rehearsals and recitals,
    in cabins and classrooms,
    out on the lawn or down by the lake
    - music is all around you.

    Music is as much a part of Interlochen as it is a part of you. Music drifts among the trees here; pours from the practice huts; walks with you along the campus paths. You can't help but be inspired by it!

    We started as a music camp back in 1928, the only high school music camp in the nation. Since then, our focus on bringing young musicians together has grown to include almost every age group, nationality and interest area you can name!

    Whatever age you are or instrument or specialty you're into: orchestra, band, piano, organ, guitar, harp, voice, jazz, rock, composition, singer-songwriting, percussion, strings, woodwinds - you'll find courses here taught by world-renown artists and experts. In class you will be part of a truly collaborative community of young artists from all over the world.

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    Develop as a Musician

    Get ready to be challenged and inspired! Our faculty is made up of some of the world's leading music educators and performers. They'll push you farther than you thought you could go, and be the first on their feet to applaud you when you're done.

    Through private lessons and ensembles, live performances, and one-on-one instruction, Interlochen places an emphasis on your personal growth as a musician and the joy of making music.

    What's My Next Step?

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    Bonus: Interlochen On The Airwaves

    Tune in to Interlochen Public Radio, which is owned and operated by Interlochen Center for the Arts, to listen to some past summer musical performances that we were honored to broadcast around the globe. IPR also offers in-studio performance opportunities to many of our campers.

    Step Out of the Wings

    "Considered the gold standard of theater camps" - NY Times.

    This is Interlochen.

    Nearly a dozen performance halls dot the wooded campus, each alive with the sounds of rehearsals—music, laughter, lines. And students, young actors from around the world, wait for their cue; their chance to step out and be seen.

    At Interlochen, you'll have the chance to practice your craft while working with talented instructors and gifted cast members. And each summer roughly seven shows are produced,  ensuring you the time and opportunity to hone your skills while working hand-in-hand with university-level faculty and guest artists.

    You'll get powerful and intensive instruction designed to heighten strengths and prepare you for the next stage in your development.

    The High School Theatre program includes courses in Theatre Design and Production, Musical Theatre Production, Musical Theatre Workshop, Repertory Theatre Production, Acting for the Camera and Shakespeare Bootcamp.

    Intermediate Theatre options include Musical Theatre Production, Musical Theatre Workshop, Acting Company Production, Theatre Ensemble and Acting Intensive.

    Junior Theatre explores creative potential through instruction and a live performance. Young actors can choose from Theatre Production and Musical Theatre Production courses.

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    Take Your Place.

    If you love acting, you couldn't ask for a better stage  ... or two.

    In addition to all of our outdoor performance tents, Interlochen is home to some simply spectacular venues. From the Harvey Theatre to Corson Auditorium to the outdoor Upton-Morley Pavilion to the black box Phoenix Theatre, you will get to perform in some truly incredible facilities. Did we mention we also have an on-campus costume shop?

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    Bonus: Attend a Virtual Master Class

    Heather Headley
    Hunter Bell

    Mix Your Media

    This is a special place. With forests and lakes and a constantly changing palette of green and blue. This is a place that dares you to capture it and inspires you to try.

    This is the place to pull together all your talent, all your insight, and build.
    Or paint.
    Or sculpt.

    Take Chances. Make Statements.

    At Interlochen, you can reinterpret your definition of what art is and what your perspective can create. Visual Arts lets you examine your creative process through an exploration of several different mediums. From advanced drawing and painting to experimental fashion, metalsmithing, ceramics, photography and more, you can extend your vision while building new skills. In this program, and all about our campus, you'll belong to a community of growing artists who are all concentrating on expression and craftsmanship, and expanding their interpretation of art.

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    High School

    The Visual Arts Program for students in grades 9-12 includes courses in Advanced Drawing Intensive (3 weeks); Advanced Painting Intensive (3 weeks); Drawing and Painting Institute (1 week); Experimental Fashion Intensive (6 weeks); Jewelry and Metalsmithing Intensive (1 week); Preparing a Portfolio for College Institute (1 week) ; Visual Arts (3 weeks)

    There is also a one-week session on Preparing a Portfolio for College, which provides insights and advice for anyone interested in advancing to the university or conservatory levels.


    Campers in grades 6-9 will enjoy one of two programs, either Visual Arts or Advanced Drawing and Painting. In each, you will learn basics and practice techniques while experiencing group and individual critiques, art history discussions, and guest artist lectures and workshops. Many media styles are examined, including Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Black and White Film Photography, Printmaking and more.

    Junior Visual Artists

    If you're like most beginning artists, you have a strong desire to create, but you aren't quite sure where to focus all your talent. The Visual Arts program at Interlochen gives you a chance to try several art forms to see which ones best fit your style.

    From ceramics, painting/drawing and printmaking, to illustration, digital photography and more, our Junior Visual Arts program is a great opportunity to explore your personal creative style and develop fundamental art basics.

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    This is Great! What Do I Do Next?

    You can find out more about the admissions process, application deadlines and financial aid, or you can start your online application today.

    Bonus: Careers In Visual Arts

    As a Visual Artist, you'll have more choices for expression and a wider variety of venues for presenting your work than any previous generation. Take "artist" into career applications like:

    • Art Critic
    • Art Teacher
    • Biomedical Photographer
    • Book Illustrator
    • Computer Game Designer
    • Corporate Art Buyer
    • Costume Designer
    • Environmental Designer
    • Fashion Designer
    • Film Set Designer
    • Forensic Sketch Artist
    • Graphic Designer
    • Interior Designer
    • Jewelry Designer
    • Lighting Designer
    • Medical Illustrator
    • Photojournalist
    • Printmaker
    • Special Effects Animator
    • Textile Archivist
    • Web Interface Designer


    You know you're an artist. Your imagination is on overdrive.
    You want to create, build, produce.
    You know that if you don't get a chance to express how you feel in an artistic way, you may just burst!
    You know you're an artist.

    And Interlochen can help you grow.

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    Specifically designed for Junior (grades 3-6) and Intermediate (grades 6-9) campers, the General Arts program at Interlochen is the best possible place for burgeoning artists like you to experience all the different ways you can bring art into the world. You'll craft and share ideas in a variety of areas, including creative writing, acting, drawing, music, dance, environmental studies and more.

    The focus here is to give you access to art and encourage your curiosity while you explore all of the media options open to you.

    The general arts program is made up of one required and four elective courses, allowing you to mix and match your areas of interest. In the required Environmental Exploration class, you will explore Interlochen's amazing natural setting through investigations and games. You'll also get to choose one visual arts elective (Drawing/Painting, Printmaking or Ceramics), one music elective (Choir or Instrument Exploration), one performance elective (Ballet, Modern, Acting or Creative Writing), and one elective from an area of your choice.

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    In our small-sized classes, you'll get direct one-on-one instruction and personalized input from our professional artists and expert instructors. These classes are full of support and encouragement, and you are free to express yourself without judgement or negativity. Mistakes are welcome, and the goal is an increased level of improvement, education, and confidence.

    The Next Step.

    You can find out more about the admissions process, application deadlines and financial aid, or you can start your online application today.


    You'll live alongside other young artists from around the world in simple cabins. And just like the thousands of student campers before you, you'll make new friends and lifelong memories.

    There's a lot to see and do while you're at Interlochen! You can participate in student performances and enjoy art exhibitions, film screenings and free readings each week. There are no classes on Monday afternoons, allowing time for fun activities and off-campus field trips to local landmarks like Sleeping Bear Dunes.

    You'll eat all three daily meals in one of our three community-style dining halls. Each meal features a variety of choices, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. And did we mention it's all you can eat?

    While you're here, you'll wear the traditional Interlochen uniforms. Not only are these an honored part of Interlochen's history, they also allow for quick identification of guests, students, staff, and faculty.

    Interlochen Center for the Arts is located in the northwest corner of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Our 1,200-acre scenic campus is nestled between two lakes and includes over a dozen performance venues and galleries, rehearsal spaces, classrooms, dormitories and cabins.

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    Is There More?

    Tons. You can check out all the different arts areas we offer or find out more about admissions and apply for financial aid here.

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    Dedicated to the Promotion of World Friendship through the Universal Language of the Arts

    The forests that surround our lakes are made of many different types of trees. There are pines and maples and oak here, ash and larch and walnut; each adding its own contribution to the strength and beauty of the woods. In the spring, they all begin to grow and send out tentative leaves to test the air and sun. Together in the fall, they produce a fantastic display of color.

    The diversity of the forest is what gives it both its strength and beauty.

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    Did you know that nearly 20 percent of Interlochen Arts Camp students come from outside of the U.S.? This great mix of cultures allows for exchanges of ideas and learning styles. It invites students to discuss their techniques and share their perspectives, which can be different based on culture, geography and language. With all of this sharing and learning, some of the greatest things made at Interlochen each year are the lasting international friendships.

    At Interlochen, you're more than just another student; you're family. 

    Your Next Move

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    Thinking about spending the summer with us? We'd love to welcome you! This page will give you an idea on the admission process, and how to go about applying for some financial aid.

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    The basic steps for applying include:

    1. Filling out an Application for Admission. Find out how to apply
    2. If you are requesting financial aid, you'll need a copy of your household's complete 2016 or 2017 Federal Income Tax Return.
    3. A $65 non-refundable application fee ($100 for international applicants). Online payment accepted through the application form, however checks or money orders are also accepted.

    Keep in mind that some programs are going to require an audition or portfolio, many of which can be submitted online. You should complete the Application for Admission before you submit any auditions or portfolio work, though.

    Here are links to the courses that need extra materials:

    Applying for Financial Aid

    Interlochen provides more than $10 million in financial aid to Academy students each and every year, and more than 25 percent of Camp students receive some form of financial assistance.

    If you wish to apply for Financial Aid, you'll need to do two things:

    • Indicate your interest in applying for Financial Aid in your online camp application
    • Upload a copy of your family's 2016 and 2017 federal income tax form 1040 (families outside the U.S. should submit an official letter, in English, from the employer of each working parent verifying employment, current salary, and any other compensation).

    Let Us Help

    Still have some questions? Contact the Office of Admission and Financial Aid at 231-276-7472 or admission@interlochen.org.