Percussion faculty profile: Megan Arns

Percussionist Megan Arns started teaching at the Interlochen Arts Camp in the summer of 2015. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Percussion at the University of Missouri.

1.   Tell us about your very first experience with Interlochen.

My first experience with Interlochen was joining the Interlochen Arts Camp percussion faculty last summer. When I first arrived on campus, I was absolutely in awe at how much was happening and how everything seemed to run without a hitch. It seemed like there was a concert, class, or activity constantly happening in multiple areas of the campus. I also remember being impressed with how many different artistic disciplines were represented on campus and the myriad of possibilities for collaboration this created for the students and faculty. Mix both of these elements with Interlochen's gorgeous location and you have one of the most inspiring, creative places on the planet! 

2.    What is your greatest musical moment at Interlochen? 

My greatest musical moment was the last percussion ensemble concert in Kresge Auditorium last summer. The students put together an incredible amount of repertoire in a short time and performed a wonderful concert! Most of this repertoire was collegiate-level repertoire, and they played it with a great deal of musical maturity for their age. It was inspiring to meet the percussion students last year and witness their dedication to their instrument at such an early age.

3.   How does your teaching differ at Interlochen as compared to at your college teaching position? 

The main difference is the age level. I teach the intermediate students at Interlochen, so this a significantly younger age group than the college students I teach during the year. It is refreshing for me as an educator to work with different age levels, so I have really enjoyed the mix. Additionally, college students are pulled in many directions throughout the school year with work, general education classes, and family obligations. At Interlochen, the students live in the same cabins, eat in the same cafeterias, and play in the same ensembles together. This concentrated time together creates a strong sense of community.