Interdisciplinary Arts Summer Program for High School Students

Director. Manager. Curator. Producer. If you're more interested in "running the show" than being in the show, then high school Interdisciplinary Arts is for you. Newly added to our 2021 programs, be one of the first students to participate in this exciting new program.

Program length: 3 weeks
Program dates:
June 26, 2021 to July 17, 2021
Tuition: $6,250
Age range: Students currently in grades 9-12
Priority deadline: 
January 14, 2021

As a high school Interdisciplinary Arts student, you will take a variety of hands-on courses across arts disciplines to learn what it takes to be a sought-after figure in the arts world. Courses may include:

  • Leadership & Management in the Arts. Learn what happens “behind the scenes” to make art happen. Examine the inner workings of arts organizations and all that is required to make art in our modern world.
  • Citizen Artistry/Arts Advocacy. Learn how to partner with organizations in your community; develop projects meant to incite local or global change; collaborate to create artwork that is socially engaged; and use human interaction as a medium.
  • Producing live events. Learn how to take an idea for a show and make it a reality by understanding the role of the producer. You'll review artistic direction, company management, marketing, personnel management, contracts, and working in a collaborative environment.

Program Highlights

Newly Added 2021 Program

One of the newest Interlochen Arts Camp programs, high school Interdisciplinary Arts is overseen by division director Clyde Sheets. 

Only at Interlochen

Interlochen is the only summer arts camp where you can find a program dedicated entirely to leadership in the arts. 


Clyde Sheets

Director, Interdisciplinary Arts, Interlochen Arts Academy