Tamara Kaplan

Instructor of Visual Arts, Junior Ceramics, Interlochen Arts Camp

M.A. Art and Museum Education, Rhode Island School of Design; M.A.T. Certification K-12 Arts Education, Rhode Island School of Design; B.F.A. Ceramics, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University

Tamara believes in accessible arts spaces for young people. Her role as an arts administrator for New Urban Arts, an arts studio for high school students in Providence, Rhode Island makes her think about interdisciplinary arts education and creative youth development for everyone. Tamara has worked for 20 years providing young people with free, safe and non-judgemental spaces to make art after-school.

Before moving to Rhode Island, Tamara spent years in various capacities as; a laborer in a tile factory working on the historic restoration of NYC Subway mosaics, as an assistant at a production pottery studio, as a studio assistant to a potter, and working in her mixed-media studio. Tamara is also an IAC alum from back in the day when it was called NMC. She will be passing along the family legacy of Interlochen to her kids this summer. She continues to make things daily.