Colter Fellows

Documentary Filmmaking Assistant, Interlochen Arts Camp

Colter Fellows is a junior at the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in film/animation/video studies. He attended Interlochen Arts Camp in 2014 for motion picture arts and went on to spend his junior and senior years at Arts Academy. He graduated Interlochen class of 2018 with only a few uniform infractions. Colter works in both live action narrative film and mixed media sculpture. He has had his films shown in the Ivy League Film Festival, the Seoul International Film Festival, the All American Highschool Flm Festival and his sculptures shown at various RISD exhibitions and the Creature Conserve Urban Wildlife Exhibit in Providence Rhode Island. Colter believes that his work exists in the 'horror' genre while also trying to define what 'horror' as a genre means to himself. Colter is from Lake Tahoe, California so he is somewhat of a mountain and forest dweller. He has seen some things in the woods that you wouldn't believe.