Interlochen Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register for Interlochen Online?
Visit the Education Community.

Are auditions or portfolios required for admission to Interlochen Online?
No, Interlochen Online only requires a registration.

When is my Interlochen Online tuition due?
Tuition is due in full no later than June 15.

When are the special virtual events during Interlochen Online?
Opening Ceremony - June 28
"Collage" - July 18
"Les Préludes" - July 19

What are the dates of the Interlochen Online program?
Classes are Monday through Friday from June 29 - July 17. We also have three special virtual events: Opening Ceremony (Sunday, June 28), "Collage" (Saturday, July 18), and "Les Préludes" (Sunday, July 19).

How many hours a day will students be online?
Juniors (grades 2-6): Three hours of daily instruction plus optional virtual cabin activities (45 instructional hours over the three week program, before optional activities).

Intermediates (grades 6-9) and High Schoolers (grades 9-12): Four hours of daily instruction, optional virtual cabin activities, and one hour per week of private instruction or one-on-one coaching sessions, depending on the program (60 hours total over the three week program before optional activities).

I am a 6th grader or a 9th grader. Which division do I choose?
6th graders are able to choose either junior or intermediate programs. 9th graders are able to choose either intermediate or high school programs. We call it choice year!

Can I change my program for Interlochen Online?
Yes, email the Office of Admission at to get connected.

I deposited for Arts Camp 2020. How is my deposit deferred to Summer 2021?
If you paid a camp deposit prior to our transition to Interlochen Online, when you login to the Education Community, we will ask you how you would like to redirect your deposit. 

Can I do Interlochen Online this summer and re-enroll in the same in-person program for Summer 2021?
Accepted and enrolled students from Summer 2020 Arts Camp will have the opportunity to defer their admission to Summer 2021. Interlochen Online programs do not result in a re-enrollment offer for a corresponding Summer 2021 program.

I was enrolled in a one-week institute program for Arts Camp Summer 2020. How does my Interlochen Online program offer and Summer 2021 deferral opportunity work?
Institute students will be offered the equivalent program for Interlochen Online. All Interlochen Online programs are 3 weeks long. Students who have the option to defer to Summer 2021 will be offered their original 1-week Institute program.

How will my financial aid package transfer to Interlochen Online from my Arts Camp Summer 2020 acceptance? How will it transfer if I choose to defer to next year?
Interlochen Online tuition is greatly reduced from our in-person programs. Be sure to consult your enrollment agreement to see the breakdown of costs. If a student defers to Summer 2021, the percentage of financial aid will remain the same in most cases. Tuition for Summer 2021 will be announced in September, and you will receive updated enrollment information for Summer 2021 in October. 

Can I do Interlochen Online this summer in a new arts area and then re-enroll for the program I was accepted into for Summer 2020 in Summer 2021?
Yes, you may defer your enrollment to Summer 2021 and then opt to participate in a different program for Interlochen Online. Re-enrollment offers are based on Summer 2020 in-person programs. 

Can I still secure my spot/defer to Summer 2021 even if I want to apply for a different program?
If you would like to apply for a different program in Summer 2021, the best course of action is to request a refund and re-apply for Summer 2021 when the application is available this fall.

If I don't like the program, can I drop out but still come for next summer?
Completion of the online program will not affect deferral options.

I signed up for two Summer 2020 Arts Camp sessions—can I do more than one Interlochen Online program/instrument/arts area?
No, you must choose one program to focus on for Interlochen Online. If you would like a different program than the one you were placed in, contact the Office of Admission at

Are there electives in Interlochen Online programs?
Intermediate and High School students will have the option to choose between different courses within their program. The Junior program is set. All students, regardless of age, can participate in the optional Virtual Cabin activities at the end of each day. Please consult your individual program description for details on which electives are available to you. 

I can't find my program in the Interlochen Online offerings.
Some programs may be renamed or be part of a larger program. View the list of the available online programs above and contact with further questions.

If I elected to have my Summer 2020 Arts Camp deposit and any additional tuition payments refunded, how will I receive it?
Your refund check will be mailed within 60 days.

What are the dates for Arts Camp Summer 2021?
Institutes: June 19-25, 2021 | Core Camp: June 26-Aug. 8, 2021

Do I need to sign a new enrollment agreement for Interlochen Online?
Yes, you will need to sign a new enrollment agreement for Interlochen Online. If you have previously paid your deposit, you do not need to pay a second deposit. 

Are Arts Camp Summer 2020 application fees refundable?
No, application fees are non-refundable. 

I declined my acceptance or withdrew from Summer 2020 Arts Camp. Can I enroll in Interlochen Online?
Yes, if you declined our offer or withdrew from Summer 2020 Arts Camp, you have an application for Interlochen Online created for you in the Education Community.