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This program is designed for aspiring composers. With a personalized experience, we are prepared to set you on a path toward greater artistry and success in your musical studies. By bringing together a distinguished faculty along with guest artists, the Interlochen Online Composition program provides an opportunity to study with some of the world’s leading orchestral, wind ensemble, chamber music, television, and film composers.

Composition Classes

  • Music Theory for Composers: Identify your harmonies and how you use them; construct a workable bass line for your piece; part writing throughout your piece in your musical style
  • Orchestration: Study instrument ranges, abilities, and combinations; learn about transposition; focus on the instruments used in our online camp compositions
  • Score Preparation using Finale: Tips and tricks for making your scores look professional; learn shortcuts to speed up score prep; create a portfolio that looks beautiful
  • Film Music Conversations: Throughout the three-week online course you will be assigned to watch 2-3 films or television programs (streaming). We will have group discussions on the music

Student Compositions

  • You will compose three short works over the course of the camp: a piano solo, a trio (instruments to be determined), and either a string quartet or other chamber work. Works will be recorded by various Nashville recording professionals, TBD, and returned to you for discussion. The final piece may be recorded after camp ends, depending on when you complete your composition.

Private Lesson
You will have a weekly, 50-minute private lesson.


Dr. Jennifer Jolley

Instructor of Music Composition, Interlochen Arts Camp

Assistant Professor of Composition, Texas Tech University

Dr. Carrie Magin

Instructor of Music Composition, Interlochen Arts Camp

Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Theory, Houghton College

Dr. Andrew Smith

Instructor of Music Theory and Composition, Interlochen Arts Camp