One-Week Music Intensives for High School Students

The intensive programs at Interlochen are one-week sessions that provide opportunities for focused study for students currently in grades 9-12.

Our intensives provide an opportunity for musicians to focus on developing proficiency on their instruments or vocal techniques. Students learn from exceptional faculty and peers in master class settings.

One-Week Intensives

String Intensives

Woodwind Intensives

Brass and Percussion Intensives

Piano Intensives

Classical Voice Intensive


Intensive Student Life

While participating in intensive programs, students will live in a cabin with 10 to 18 other artists. The cabins are rustic but comfortable. Counselors supervise each cabin and are usually current college students who are studying the arts.

Intensive students eat at Stone Center in the middle of campus. There are a variety of meal choices for students including a hot main course, salad bar, deli bar and vegetarian options.

Because the Intensives occur before the regular camp season, participants do not wear uniforms and have limited opportunities and time for recreational activities.