Intermediate Electives

Interlochen Arts Camp offers elective classes that provide opportunities for enrichment and exploration in a variety of art forms. The number of elective options available to each student is dependent on their program major schedule. Not all electives are available to every student, based on their major requirements. Please note, classes do have set capacities and do fill up quickly. Electives are not available for some program majors.

Creative Writing Electives

Creative Writing
This elective course will offer students an opportunity to explore and hone their creative writing skills. Throughout the session, students can expect a combination of imaginative writing exercises, short reading activities, informal discussion and free writing time. Class activities will focus primarily on poetry and fiction. Previous experience with creative writing is not necessary. Laptop computers will not be used. 
Prerequisite: None

Students explore writing for theatre including character creation, developing an understanding of dramatic structure, and exploring theatrical potential in their writing. In-class exercises include writing monologues and dialogue, and short readings of dramatic texts.
Prerequisite: None

Dance Electives

This class will explore dance as an art form through ballet vocabulary and technique, and is open to both experienced and inexperienced students.
Prerequisite: None

General Dance
Dance electives will explore dance as an art form, and is open to both experienced and inexperienced students. This class will explore the fundamentals of dance vocabulary, movement, and exploration.
Prerequisite: None

Environment Electives

Environmental Studies
This course considers all aspects of the Interlochen environment and promotes a hands-on understanding of the elements of the northwoods campus. Students will learn by doing single-concept investigations, short research projects, or playing games that simulate some aspect of the environment; all while having fun.
Prerequisite: None

Motion Picture Arts Elective

This course provides students with a hands-on opportunity to explore the magic of animation, as well as the skills to build an animated short. 
Prerequisite: None

Music Electives

Beginning Composition
This class encourages stimulation and development of original musical ideas, leading to possible performance of works on Composers' Forums and in class. Music supplies may cost up to $30.
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of music theory and notation; three or more years of private study of a major instrument. Music program students only.

Beginning Harp
The Intermediate Beginning Harp class is for students interested in learning rudimentary technique and musicality at the harp. Students will study technique, solo pieces, and perform in an ensemble. At the end of the term the class will present a program for family and friends.
Prerequisite: None

Beginning Organ
A beginning class in the fundamentals of organ playing.
Prerequisite: Students must have studied piano for at least three years and have the ability to play Bach Two-Part Inventions and a Clementi Sonatina. Students must also be physically able to reach the pedal board. Piano majors only.

Beginning Jazz Piano
This class is an introduction to the jazz style of piano playing. Students will learn jazz chords, voicing, and improvisation. 
Prerequisite: Piano majors only.

The choral student will study and perform selected vocal repertoire, chosen specifically for Intermediate age voices. The choir performs twice in each 3-week session.
Prerequisite: None

Electronic Computer Music
This course is an introduction to synthesizers and computer music. Students will use Digital Performer and Native Instruments software running on Macintosh computers to explore the fundamentals of composition and synthesis with emphasis on creative projects and sound design.
Prerequisite: Basic music reading skills. Keyboard skills are helpful, but not necessary. Students should bring their own headphones or earbuds.

Instrument Exploration
This class acquaints the student with band and orchestra instruments through hands-on experience, and reveals a student's natural adaptability and preference. Students who are enrolling for multiple sessions may repeat this class to explore more than one instrument of their choice.
Prerequisite: None

Jazz Big Band
Participants in the Jazz Big Band focus on stylistic interpretation, improvisation, group interaction and sight-reading skills. Students who play trumpet, trombone, saxophones, guitar, piano, bass, or drum set and are participating in other ensembles are encouraged to audition. Participation may satisfy the chamber music requirement. The Jazz Big Band performs twice during each three-week session.
Prerequisite: Audition required at the beginning of camp 

Jazz Improvisation & Performance Workshop
Students who are proficient on an instrument or voice and know major and minor scales will explore the creative art of jazz improvisation and learn some of the skills involved in jazz performance: swing and Latin jazz rhythms, the roles of instruments in accompaniment, melodic interpretation, blues inflections and melodic language, and jazz theory and harmony. Students will have a chance to play in class.

Music Theory
This course will include both the written and aural aspects of basic notation, note-reading (in both treble and bass clefs), rhythm, meter and scales. 
Prerequisite: Ability to read music and at least one year of private lessons. Music program students only.

Piano Ensemble
Piano Ensemble provides opportunities for pianists to engage in collaborative playing with other pianists, 4-hands/1 piano, 4-hands/2 pianos, 8-hands/2 pianos, and more. 
Prerequisite: Piano majors only

Piano Seminar
The study and analysis of keyboard music with a focus on prominent composer techniques, forms, and their idiomatic styles.
Prerequisite: Piano majors only 

Theatre Electives

Introduction to Acting
This course helps students explore the fundamentals of preparation for theatrical performance. Students will engage in voice and movement exercises, improvisation, theatre games and limited work with scripted material.
Prerequisite: None

Theatre Topics
These classes will encompass a variety of potential subjects, such as improvisation, stage combat, viewpoints, or other areas or study within theatre. Specifics topics will be determined by the individual specialties of the theatre arts faculty and staff.
Prerequisite: Theatre majors only

Visual Arts Electives

Visual Arts Survey
In this course, students will explore a variety of media while focusing on drawing and painting skills. Techniques will be taught in both a studio and en plein air environment.
Prerequisite: None

Recreation Electives

Camp Cuisine
Cooking hotdogs and s’mores is a great summer experience but there’s so much more. Students will learn how to prepare and cook exciting meals, then get to sample their hard work!
Prerequisite: None

Climb On!
Do you have what it takes? Challenge yourself on our outdoor challenge course and indoor climbing wall. Learn the basics while being supervised by trained staff. Did someone say trust fall? 
Prerequisite: In order to participate in this class, the challenge course liability form must be authorized by a parent/guardian.

Craft Creation

Looking for something fun to do while at Interlochen's summer Art's Camp?  Join this elective and choose from any number of creative projects.  Work with talented instructors who will listen to your ideas and help you bring these ideas to life.  

Mindful Movement in Nature
Explore Interlochen's gorgeous campus, walk through the stately pines and by the shimmering lakes and experience nature in new ways. Discover how interaction with the outdoors can inspire your art through thought-provoking activities, creativity-boosting exercises, walking meditation, yoga poses, plant and wildlife observation, and more!

Field Sports
Step onto the field and smell the grass. Soccer, kickball and ultimate Frisbee await those looking for a fun way to break up the day.
Prerequisite: None

Modern day treasure hunting is the name of the game. Students will be outside designing and looking for the next big cache! 
Prerequisite: None

Water Sports
With two beautiful lakes located on Interlochen’s vast campus, it would be a shame to not get out and utilize this great resource. Students will get to play water games, swim, float, utilize paddle boards and kayaks. This is a great way to enjoy summer in Michigan.
Prerequisite: In order to participate in any boating activities students must pass the 20-minute swim test.

Yoga and Mindfulness
Take a break and concentrate on you and at the same time learn some valuable coping skills to make you a better overall artist.
Prerequisite: None