High School Theatre Summer Programs

Theatre summer programs for students currently in grades 9-12:

Interlochen Arts Camp 2020 is pivoting this summer to Interlochen Online. Learn more about our interactive online summer arts series.

Acting for the Camera (3 weeks)
Discover specific techniques to improve your on-camera performance skills in an active and hands-on environment.

Contemporary Musical Theatre Showcase  (3 weeks) 
In the contemporary musical theatre showcase program you will perform predominantly contemporary songs and scenes that focus on technique and styles.

Musical Theatre Production (6 weeks)
Work with a professional creative team and other talented students to rehearse and perform a full-scale musical theatre production.

Musical Theatre Audition Institute (1 week)
Are you planning to apply to university or conservatory musical theatre programs? This program is a great opportunity to learn about the application process and how to have a successful audition experience.

Musical Theatre Revue (3 weeks) 
In the musical theatre revue program you will work with a team of theatre professionals on staging classics from the musical theatre genre.

Musical Theatre Techniques Institute (1 week)
Explore the key techniques to becoming a true Musical Theatre 'triple threat' - acting, singing and dancing.

Repertory Theatre Production (6 weeks) 
Participate in a company ensemble to produce a large-cast play from classical or contemporary repertoire, with full design and technical support.

Theatre Design and Production (6 weeks) 
Get hands-on experience in all aspects of production, including costume, set, lighting, and sound design.

Theatre Improvisation (3 weeks) 
Designed for students with a passion for creative spontaneity!