Summer Programs: Tuition and Financial Aid

We are committed to providing access to an Interlochen experience for each and every talented student who wants to be here.

  • Need and merit-based aid, including full-tuition scholarships, are available.
  • More than 70% of students who apply for assistance receive financial aid.
  • Aid is available for domestic and international students.
  • Apply for financial assistance within the online application.
  • Financial assistance is not available for one-week intensive programs.

Tuition for Camp 2021

Consistent price per session: Your tuition is based on the number of weeks you are on campus. For example, a student who chooses two 3 week programs will pay the 6 week session price.

Session Length Boarding Tuition
1 week (Intensive) $1,625
2 week session $4,000
3 week session $6,250
4 week session $7,100
6 week session $9,750








Day Camp Tuition: $650 per week
Learn more about our Day Camp and Local Day Camp opportunities

Need-Based Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Committee determines eligibility for need-based aid through a review of a family's income documentation submitted in the application.

How to Apply for Need-Based Financial Aid

  1. In the financial aid section of the camp application for admission, indicate your interest in applying for financial aid.
  2. Upload a copy of your 2019 or 2020 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040 prior to submitting your application. (International applicants must submit an official Verification of Salary for each parent. This document must be in English.)

Admission decisions are need-blind, however failure to upload income documentation at the time of application may result in significant delays and could affect eligibility for financial aid. It is recommended that applicants who are seeking financial aid have a .PDF copy of their tax documents ready before beginning the application for admission.

Merit Scholarships

Interlochen provides merit scholarships for a limited number of its most qualified candidates. No financial documentation is required. Only applicants for admission to programs requiring an audition or portfolio review will be considered for merit scholarships. To apply, simply check the box pertaining to merit scholarship in the application for admission. Merit scholarships are not available for one-week intensive programs.

Full-Tuition Merit Scholarships for the High School Orchestra and Wind Program

Interlochen Orchestral Scholars Program: The Interlochen Orchestral Scholars Program awards up to a full tuition scholarship for string, woodwind, brass, harp, and percussion musicians from across the country to attend the high school music division in an orchestral program.

Fennell Scholars Program: Musicians who excel in woodwinds, brass, or percussion are eligible to earn up to a full scholarship to America's premier wind program at Interlochen Arts Camp. The Fennell Scholarship is named after Interlochen alumnus Frederick Fennell, who was one of the world's most distinguished wind conductors and a life-long friend of Interlochen.

Interlochen Orchestral Scholars and Fennell Scholars are chosen from candidates who complete and submit application materials by the priority application deadline of January 14, 2021. It is recommended that string, woodwind, brass, harp, and percussion applicants who require financial aid submit tax documentation to be considered for need based aid in the event they are not selected for these highly competitive scholarships.

If you have any questions about Interlochen Arts Camp financial aid, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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