Camp Life: Junior Division

Cabin Life

Your home away from home is a cabin that you share with 11 other Junior campers and two counselors. Your counselors are smart, personable college students (many are former Campers themselves).

For one hour after lunch every day, you take a break from your classes, rehearsals and other activities. During Rest Period you can read, write letters, or catch up on your sleep. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

What's a day like?

After waking at 7, you'll do your cabin clean-up, assemble for announcements, then eat a hearty breakfast. After a day of fun classes, your evening or weekend could include a bonfire, scavenger hunt, ice cream social, hike, cookout, concert or play. Before you know it, you'll be "called to quarters" at 8:45 p.m. Taps are played at 9 p.m.

Your summer here is filled with surprises and lots of fun. You celebrate Maddy Gras, a Fourth of July parade, Cabin Nights, Co-Recs (where boys and girls meet) and picnics. Junior campers also celebrate a traditional final campfire.

Camp food is great! There's no need to go hungry here, because a variety of good food is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nutritional, well-balanced meals are featured every day.

A variety of recreational activities are offered, including swimming, tennis, archery, crafts, stilt walking and ping pong. Adults closely supervise all activities. Certified lifeguards oversee all waterfront activities. You can enjoy picnics and campfires, and supervised off-campus trips.

You will have time in your day for a visit to the crafts shop in the Junior Division. Here, you can make a gift for your parents, a bracelet for a friend, or a key chain for your grandparents. You always have a counselor on hand to help.

We're fortunate to have the Walter E. Hastings Nature Museum as an environmental classroom for our campers. The museum houses an extensive collection of wildlife photographs, rocks and minerals, and Native American tools, arrowheads and other handiwork.

Taking Care

We have a team of doctors and nurses on staff throughout the summer. There is an infirmary located near your division. We can take care of your allergy shots, colds, bee stings, or treat you with lotion for a sunburn. At Interlochen, you are within minutes of a regional medical center.

Because you are the youngest campers, we supervise you closely throughout the day and night. During your first days here, a counselor escorts you to class. After that, you walk to and from classes and rehearsals with groups of your friends. No one is allowed in your division unless they first check in at headquarters. While you are in our care, you are in good hands.

The Uniform

The Interlochen Arts Camp uniform is worn by all campers, faculty and staff. The uniform provides a spirit of unity, a simplified day, a means of identification and a blurring of class distinction. It is worn every day to the dining room, classes, concerts, performances and all activities on the main area of Interlochen's campus. Both simple and flexible, the uniform is one of Interlochen's most important traditions.

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