Camp Life: Intermediate Division

Cabin Life

Your home is a rustic cabin in the woods on a lake. You sleep on a bunk surrounded by about a dozen new friends, including two counselors.

Your day starts with reveille at 6:45 a.m., and rushes by (even your mandatory chores). After classes and dinner with friends, students have time to relax before the call to quarters at 9 p.m.

When You're Not in Class

Intermediate Boys and Junior Boys eat at Lochaven, a dining hall on the shore of Duck Lake. Intermediate Girls and Junior Girls share their meals at Pinecrest, a dining hall between the two divisions.

For one hour before or after lunch each day, you will take a break from the day's busy activities. During this time, which you spend on your bunk in your cabin, you might read, write letters, catch up on your thoughts - or your sleep.

Crafts are a popular pastime in the Intermediate Division. You can make a leather belt for one of your new friends, or polish the Petoskey stones you just found on the beach.

In addition to regularly scheduled recreation within your division, regular Co-Rec activities occur. A Co-Rec is an activity for which boys and girls get together. Intermediate Girls and Intermediate Boys take turns hosting the event.

There are lots of recreational opportunities, including ping-pong, tetherball, tennis, basketball and soccer. Each division has a waterfront supervised by certified lifeguards.

Monday afternoon is free time. There are no scheduled classes, except for an occasional rehearsal for some. Special off-campus trips often occur, such as to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, where you're challenged to hike to the top. Canoe trips and picnics on the beautiful Platte River, and Lake Michigan swims also await you.

Your evenings can be spent attending any one of more than 450 student, faculty and guest artist concerts that occur during the season, going to a weekly dance, or spending time with friends at the Melody Freeze. "Cabin Night" is a special event planned by your counselors one night every week. You might make tie-dye T-shirts, banana splits or enjoy a campfire.

Taking Care

Is the Doctor in? Absolutely! For those little emergencies that always seem to come up in the summer - bee stings, poison ivy or maybe just a cough drop - we have a team of doctors and nurses who work in an infirmary right near your division.

It's a 24-hour job, but some of the finest young people in the world spend their summers at Interlochen as counselors. They come from around the world, and many are studying to be teachers or other childcare experts. (And many counselors are former campers themselves!) Each cabin has one or two counselors, who report to a unit leader. The job of caring for you is a big responsibility, and we take it very seriously. We want you to be happy, and your parents to be free of worry.

The Uniform

The Interlochen Arts Camp uniform is worn by all campers, faculty and staff. The uniform provides a spirit of unity, a simplified day, a means of identification and a blurring of class distinction. It is worn every day to the dining room, classes, concerts, performances and all activities on the main area of Interlochen's campus. Both simple and flexible, the uniform is one of Interlochen's most important traditions.

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