Acting Intensive Summer Program for Grades 6-9

In the acting intensive summer program, you will explore in great detail the fundamental building blocks of the craft of acting and apply these skills through a public performance at the end of the session.

Program length: 3 weeks
Program dates:
July 14, 2019 to August 5, 2019
Tuition: $5,760
Age range: Students currently in grades 6-9

Students in this program establish a firm foundation in acting through a series of exercises that will help you explore advanced techniques. This program emphasizes your development as a young actor and your connection to both text and scene partners. The session concludes with a showcase performance during which you will demonstrate your growth through monologues and/or scenes chosen especially for you.

Each day, you will have four hours of rehearsal and an acting technique class. You'll round out your experience with one elective class, which may be in theatre, or you can use the opportunity to explore another art form. View list of elective class options.


Audition Requirements

Prepare two monologues from published plays of your choice and submit these as two (2) video audition files containing one (1) monologue each. One monologue should be comic and the other serious, and each should be 1-2 minutes in length.


Rita Anderson

Co-Director, Intermediate Theatre Ensemble and Intermediate Acting Intensive

David Weynand

Co-Director, Intermediate Theatre Ensemble and Intermediate Acting Intensive