Jazz Audition Requirements: Winds and Piano

How to Apply:

  1. Prepare the materials listed below.
  2. Complete the online application
  3. Upload your audition/portfolio.

The priority application date is February 15, 2013.

Required Materials:

Audio or video file #1: A jazz etude, transcription, or selection from a big band chart to demonstrate style, technique, tone, intonation, range, flexibility, musicianship.

Audio or video file #2: A ballad to demonstrate tone, expressiveness and control. No longer than one chorus.

Audio or video file #3: Improvisation (optional). Play the head and solo on a jazz standard and a blues. Recordings may be submitted with either a live group or with a jazz play-a-long. Brass players interested in learning improvisational skills are encouraged to apply.

Audio or video file #4: Containing the following selections, according to your instrument:


  • D and F Major scales, two octaves
  • D Harmonic minor, two octaves; G Harmonic minor, one octave
  • Chromatic scale full range


  • Chromatic scale, low F# to high C
  • Bb and A major scales
  • B Harmonic minor scale, two octaves; E Harmonic minor scale, one octave


  • Chromatic scale from lowest possible note to highest possible note
  • Bb and G Major scales, two octaves
  • A and E Harmonic minor scales, two octaves


  • C and Bb Major, 2 hands, 4 octaves up and down
  • A and G Minor scales (Dorian or natural minor), 2 hands, 4 octaves
  • Chromatic scale, 4 octaves
  • Blues scales in F, C or Bb
  • Melody and chords to a jazz tune of your choice