High School Classical Guitar Summer Program

With a curriculum designed for the serious classical guitar student, this program is your opportunity to study all aspects of classical guitar performance. During your six weeks at Interlochen, you will experience a full array of guitar classes, ensemble coaching, personalized instruction, and two showcase recitals.

Program length: 6 weeks
Program dates:
June 25, 2016 to August 8, 2016
Tuition: $8,744
Age range: Students currently in grades 9-12

We are no longer accepting applications for this summer 2016 program.

In the daily Guitar Ensemble class, you will participate in small groups (duos, trios, quartets) and a guitar orchestra, learning how to effectively rehearse and perform. Students will also work on their collaborative interpretive skills, rhythmic integration, and sight-reading.

Topics covered during your weekly, one-hour private lesson include interpretation, technique, tone-production, repertoire, and effective practice strategies.

Classical Guitar History and Literature provides an historical survey of the guitar and lute from the 16th-century to the present day. We'll explore influential composers, repertoire, changing stylistic approaches, and the evolution of the instruments themselves.

Guitar Transcription takes a hands-on approach to learning how to arrange music for the guitar. You will learn how to transcribe music from various sources, including Renaissance lute tablature, J.S. Bach's solo cello music, Beethoven's string quartets, and Chopin's nocturnes for solo piano, among others.

Fingerboard Harmony applies the principles of music theory to the guitar fretboard. Topics include intervals, chords structures, and various scale patterns, including major, harmonic minor, natural minor, melodic minor, whole-tone, octatonic, chromatic, etc.

Guitar Videos and Recordings is held in the Fennell Music Library listening lab, and explores recordings by great guitar performers from the 20th-century to today. You will learn how to compare different performers' interpretation of the same work as well as develop a vocabulary for constructively criticizing a performance and/or interpretation.

Audition Requirements

Audio or video files #1 and #2: Choose two representative solo works of contrasting styles, demonstrating tone, technical facility and interpretation.

Performance Venues and Opportunities

Classical guitar students perform in two showcase recitals during the summer, which are typically held in the beautiful Dendrinos Chapel and Recital Hall (view 360-degree virtual tour). Students may also have additional opportunities by audition or selection, including the campus-wide "Collage" event, art gallery openings, and additional solo and chamber recitals.

Students may compete for the opportunity to perform a concerto with one of the high school division's full orchestras or wind symphony. Learn more about the concerto competition.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the artistic diversity here at Interlochen, and enjoy presentations in theatre, music, dance, visual art, creative writing, and film. And each summer, Interlochen presents an impressive lineup of world-renowned classical, jazz, and popular guest artists.

Additional Opportunities


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