High School Advanced Piano Summer Program

Program length: 6 weeks
Program dates:
June 23, 2018 to August 6, 2018
Tuition: $9,205
Age range: Students currently in grades 9-12

At Interlochen, you will be part of a supportive community of musicians, and work daily with an accomplished faculty of educators and performers. You will have two weekly private lessons, as well as a minimum of three daily practice hours

You will also participate in collaborative artist activities, consisting of three components:

  • Chamber music skills: pianists will collaborate with string players in the advanced string program, and/or perform with other pianists in duets and two piano, eight-hand repertoire.

  • Sonata project: piano and string players will be paired to study collaborative sonata repertoire.

  • Piano concerto repertoire: each student will prepare a concerto for performance with a member of our collaborative piano staff.

You will have numerous opportunities throughout the summer to enjoy presentations in theatre, music, creative writing, film, dance, and visual arts.

Audition Requirements

Record on video two works of contrasting style plus a movement of a piano concerto. Examples of appropriate solo repertoire are listed below, but you are not limited to these choices. Works must be memorized

  • Bach: Prelude and Fugue from Well-Tempered Clavier

  • Beethoven: Sonata (not Op. 49)

  • Chopin: Ballade, scherzo or other work

  • Contemporary work

  • Sight reading via Skype

Additional Opportunities

Students are welcome to attend Einstein's Keyboard: The Physics of Synthesizers, a collaborative institute merging the best of Interlochen's academic curriculum with the musical arts, prior to the beginning of this program.

Join Interlochen's legendary physics professor Taoufik Nadji along with Eminem collaborator Luis Resto, and DJ and producer Salar Ansari for a weeklong dive into the world of algorithms, synths, plug ins and music composition. With a different take on creativity this institute will push our brains and creativity in a weeklong roller coaster of music, physics and minds in motion.