Dance Summer Program for Grades 3-6

In the junior summer dance program, you will explore ballet technique and other dance forms in a challenging and creative environment. This program is designed specifically for serious young dance students in grades 3-6 who want to take the next step in their dance training.

Program length: 4 weeks
Program dates:
June 26, 2016 to July 23, 2016
Tuition: $5,811
Age range: Students currently in grades 3-6
For four hours a day, you will be in the beautiful dance building (virtual tour). You will experience innovative classes in ballet technique, modern, improvisation, composition, jazz, and character dance. You will also learn about anatomy and dance history. The four weeks will culminate in a public showing of the material covered during your time at Interlochen. Round out your experience with one elective class, which you may choose from a variety of art forms (view list). There are also many opportunities to enjoy presentations in music, dance, film, theatre, writing and visual arts. You will live and learn with other students from all over the world who share your passion for the arts.


Students should have had at least two years of dance training. Students should be free of injury prior to arrival. Students are expected to be well-groomed. Long hair should be secured in a bun.

Required Materials

Two images: A photo taken in the first arabesque, and a photo taken in tendu a la seconde.

PDF file: a resume of training experiences. Please include subject (modern, ballet, jazz, composition, other), dates, names and locations of schools and names of instructors.

Photo Gallery

  • 2014 Junior Dance 285
  • 2014 Junior Dance 293
  • 2014 Junior Dance 300
  • 2014 Junior Dance 276
  • 2014 Jr Dance-031
  • 2014 Junior Dance 261
  • 2014 Junior Dance major 277
  • 2014 Junior Dance major 263