Junior Dance Summer Program (grades 3-6)

The junior dance summer program immerses young dance students in grades 3-6 in a stimulating and creative atmosphere to explore and build upon dance knowledge and skills.

Program length: 4 weeks
Program dates:
June 22, 2014 to July 20, 2014
Tuition: $5,295
Age range: Grades 3-6

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Grounded in a ballet-based curriculum, students will have innovative classes in ballet technique, and will also explore other dance forms. They will also learn about anatomy and dance history as it connects to their repertory. The knowledge and skills gained will enable students to take the next step in their dance training. The program promotes a fun and exploratory atmosphere, and culminates with a public showing.


Students must have had two years of dance training. Pointe will be addressed on an individual basis. Because this is a physical art form, participants should be free of injury prior to arrival. Any health related concern should be acknowledged on the medical form and reported to the dance department prior to arrival.

All students are expected to be well-groomed. Hair should be secured in a bun. A complete listing of dance attire and supplies will be posted on the website.

Audition Requirements

Two images: A photo taken in the first arabesque, and a photo taken in tendu a la seconde.

PDF file: a resume of training experiences. Please include subject (modern, ballet, jazz, composition, other), dates, names and locations of schools and names of instructors.

Photo Gallery

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