Dan Hazlett

Instructor of Songwriting, Interlochen Arts Camp

Songwriter, Musician, Producer, Engineer

For more than 30 years, Dan has performed and toured throughout the Midwest. His eight previously released CDs have received airplay throughout the United States as well as internationally, and have been praised by everyone from musical colleagues to concert hosts to radio DJs. Dan has been nominated multiple times for Detroit Music Awards, and has achieved recognition for his work in events such as the Great Lakes Songwriting Contest, Big Top Chautauqua Songwriting Contest, and the Billboard Songwriting Competition. As an educator, Dan has been featured on the staff at the prestigious Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters, the Madison Songwriters Guild Retreat and has been on the staff at the internationally renowned Interlochen Academy for the Arts. He has appeared on stage with and/or opened for such notables as Ronnie Cox, Dana Cooper, Chuck Brodsky, Mustard's Retreat, Cliff Eberhardt, Joel Mabus and Jack Williams, and for seven years hosted his own folk radio show, Local Folks, at WXOU‐FM (Oakland University). Most recently, Dan performed in a musical production he wrote, Tumbledown Town, which has opened to positive acclaim throughout Michigan. His ninth and latest CD is "The Corner of My Eye."


"Hazlett's work here seems as familiar as it is cozy, as reminiscent of another time as it is timeless and connective. After the turbulent end of the 1960s and the Vietnam War sounds like these were a balm for a nation weary from conflict. In many ways, they are again now." – Nick De Riso – Something Else Reviews