Junior Electives

Interlochen Arts Camp offers elective classes that provide opportunities for enrichment and exploration in a variety of art forms. The number of elective options available to each student is dependent on their program major schedule. Not all electives are available to every student, based on their major requirements. Please note, classes do have set capacities and do fill up quickly. Electives are not available for some program majors.

This class will help students develop skills in theatrical movement and expression, while increasing confidence and creativity. Classes will study the fundamentals of theatre performance through imagination exercises, improvisations, and ensemble activities. Students will also learn basic stage terminology.
Prerequisite: None

This class will explore dance as an art form through ballet vocabulary, and is open to both experienced and inexperienced students. At the first class meeting, the dance faculty will place students according to their ability in the appropriate level. All dance students are expected to be well groomed; long hair must be worn up and off the neck.
Prerequisite: None

Students will learn to draw, paint and have fun developing new characters and creative creatures. Students will create stories full of action and suspense by building a story arc with a beginning middle and end.  Narrative elements such as point of view, character expressions and environments will be explored.
Prerequisite: Visual Arts Majors only

Ceramics is designed to teach basic skills and will emphasize the creative aspects of working with clay in a variety of hand-building techniques. Students will participate in both individual and group projects. The wheel is not a component of this course.
Prerequisite: None

Students will study and perform selected vocal repertoire, chosen specifically for young voices. Emphasis is placed on tone quality and music reading. All students enrolled in the chorus elective will participate in the junior ensembles performance at the end of each 2-week session.
Prerequisite: None

This class will address introductory concepts in creative writing, including sensory imagery, dramatic dialogue, the relationship between sound and meaning in poetry and the basics of structure and characterization in fiction. Students will be given a variety of fun and imaginative writing prompts. Students enrolling in multiple sessions should be aware that the material covered will be similar in each session.
Prerequisite: None

This class will introduce students to the basics of digital photography. Students will learn how to operate a basic digital camera and learn how to transfer the images onto a Mac computer for basic organization and editing. Experimentation, composition, lighting and subject matter will be discussed throughout the course. Digital cameras will be available to use during class.  No previous experience is required. Students must provide a portable storage device such as a thumb drive for image storage.
Prerequisite: Visual Arts Majors only

Students explore relationships between living things and their environment. This class includes thorough investigations and field trips to the Camp’s lakes, wetlands, fields, dunes and forests.
Prerequisite: None

This class will acquaint the student with band and orchestra instruments through hands-on experience and reveals natural ability and preference. Students who are enrolling for multiple sessions may repeat this class to concentrate on the instrument of their choice.
Prerequisite: None

Class instruction is offered for the beginning and experienced junior harpists. Students will have daily instruction with emphasis on technical development, ensemble skills, sight reading and repertoire.
Prerequisite: None

Modern Dance is open to both experienced and inexperienced students, and will explore dance as an art form through modern vocabulary. At the first class meeting, the dance faculty will place students according to their ability in the appropriate level. All dance students are expected to be well groomed; long hair must be worn up and off the neck.
Prerequisite: None

This class is designed for students to explore painting and drawing as a means of expression. Painting/Drawing will introduce students to a variety of media and techniques. Students will also have the chance to work from observation and explore their own personal expression.
Prerequisite: None

This course provides students with an introduction to printmaking and helps students to develop their drawing skills. Printmaking provides an exploration of a variety of printmaking processes such as etching, linocut printing, rubber stamping and monoprinting.
Prerequisite: None

Individual instruction is available in classical piano and all band and orchestral instruments. Each student will receive one 45-minute lesson each week. On the days when lessons are not scheduled, students will have a dedicated practice hour. Students must attend camp for at least four consecutive weeks in order to enroll in private lessons as an elective.
Additional Cost: $115 per week
Prerequisite: Three years previous study on instrument. Student must be attending a minimum of four weeks.

Learn to play the games that Interlochen Camp alumnae hold near and dear to their hearts. These are field games that can only be found on this campus! Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

There are things that everyone should experience at camp, and this is an opportunity for many of them! Get out on the lake in a boat. Shoot a bow and arrow. Learn about nature. Make something cool in arts & crafts. Get off the ground in group challenges at the ropes course. This class is a veritable smorgasbord of all the cool things camp has to offer!
*In order to participate in this class, the challenge course liability form must be authorized by a parent/guardian.