Intermediate Visual Arts One Hour Electives

Visual Arts electives allow students to investigate a new medium. All one-hour electives are available both sessions.

2D Mixed Media
This mixed-media course explores the Two-Dimensional possibilities of working with collage. Course content examines the formal narrative and conceptual issues of the collage process and form. Students will investigate a wide variety of materials and approaches, both traditional and non-traditional, which may include drawing, painting, image transfers, collage, printed textiles, sewing and papermaking.

Artists' Books
This course is open to all students who have an interest in book arts or sequential imagery. Students will learn the history, form and physical construction of traditional and nontraditional book arts. This class is a cross-disciplinary experience that brings the images and the written word together into a visual form.

This class is designed for students to explore clay as a medium of expression. Ceramics is designed to teach basic skills and will emphasize the creative aspects of working with clay in a variety of hand-building techniques. Projects involve both individual and group work. (No wheel)

Drawing Nature
Working mostly outside along the lake or in the woods, this class explores natural subject matter such as skulls, shells, landscape and flora. This course builds solid drawing foundations, visualization skills and artistic vocabulary. Students will investigate drawing techniques and a variety of media while developing observational skills and considering how to show form and light in a two-dimensional format.

Drawing Techniques
This drawing class is for all students who wish to learn about techniques and materials used in drawing. This course is designed to develop hand-eye coordination and the ability to draw from observation. An investigation of traditional media through simple exercises starting with gestures, blind contours and contour drawings will develop the foundation for learning to draw. Students will study linear perspective, the development of pictorial space, and basic composition.

Digital Arts
This course incorporates software such as the Adobe Creative Suite and the use of equipment in the digital lab including tablets, digital cameras, photo printers and scanners to create two-dimensional, printed works. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of problem solving, research, composition, typography and the organization of information. A key goal for all students is learning to develop meaningful concepts. No previous experience is required but familiarity with Mac computers is recommended. Students must provide a portable storage device such as a thumb drive.

Jewelry Design
Introduces a variety of techniques used in the creation of jewelry. Students will explore innovative approaches to traditional forms such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Sculpting with Fibers
This course is designed to introduce students to surface design materials and basic fibers techniques. Assignments cover such areas as basic embroidery, printing on fabric, resist dying and piecework techniques. Students will develop repeat patterns for cotton, stitch samples together, and dye silk scarves.

This course provides an introduction to working in three dimensions. Sculpture is an in-depth exploration of techniques such as casting, carving, modeling and construction while using a wide range of materials (clay, wax, metals, etc.) to encourage personal expression. Students also learn about creative problem solving through traditional and contemporary ways of working three-dimensionally.